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Online ESIC Registration


    • The ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation) is governed by the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948.
    • All the management of funds is managed by the ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation).
    • This ESIC Scheme provides the Benefits of Salary/finance, Health Insurance, Disablement benefits & other benefits to all the worker (Including Family) employed in India.
    • ESIC is a body of members which represent the interest of various organisation are:-
    1. Central Government,
    2. State Government,
    3. Employees,
    4. Employer,
    5. Medical Association,
    6. Parliament representatives & etc.
    • The Medical benefits provided to an interested person by the respective State government.
    • In Delhi & Noida/Greater Noida (UP) Medical benefits directly provided by the Corporation Administers to all the beneficiaries.
    • The ESIC has currently 36 Hospitals in various states and developing them into ESIC Model Hospitals.
    • This ESIC scheme already implemented in 540 Districts of 34 States & Union Territories.
    • The ESIC scheme is yet to implement in Arunachal Pradesh and Lakshadweep.


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    Applicability of ESIC Registration or ESI Rules

      • This ESI Act 1948 applicable to the non-seasonal factories who employ 10 or more people But In Maharashtra & Chandigarh, the threshold limit is 20 or more people.
      • The wages limit to covered under ESIC scheme required to have salary upto Rs. 21000 but in case Disable person Rs. 25000).
      • The ESIC Scheme covered the following categories are:-
      1. Shops,
      2. Hotels,
      3. Restaurants,
      4. Cinemas Including Preview Theatres,
      5. Private Medical and Educational Institutions
      6. Road-Motor Transport Undertakings,
      7. Newspaper Establishments,
      8. Establishments Engaged In Insurance Business,
      9. Non-Banking Financial Companies,
      10. Port Trust,
      11. Airport Authorities And
      12. Warehousing Establishments.

    Contribution In ESIC Scheme

    • The fixed percentage contribution made in the ESIC scheme by both employers as well as an employee of the Establishment & the following are:-

      • The employee contributes 0.75% of wages excluding overtime wages.
      • The employer contributes 3.25% of employee wages.
      • The total contribution made by employer & employee toward the ESIC scheme is 4% of wages.
      • If employees wage up to Rs. 176/- per day then employee exempt from the contribution (i.e. 0.75%).
      • The Medical benefits up to 1/8th of the expenditure borne by State government subject to maximum Rs. 1500/- per insured person per annum.

    Benefits of ESIC Registration

    The following list of ESIC Benefits provided to the worker of ESIC registered Establishment are:-


    Medical Benefits

    • The ESIC Scheme provides all types of Medical Benefits to the Insured person and his family members.
    • This covered & Insured the employee & family members under ESIC from date joining ESIC registered establishments.
    • There is no above or Threshold limit for treatment expenditure occurred for employee & family members.
    • The ESIC benefits provided to the permanent disabled injured or retired persons & its spouses on payment of Rs. 120 annual premium as a token amount.


    • The ESIC Scheme provides the Sickness benefits to the insured person in the form of cash compensation for certified sickness.
    • The Insured person gets cash compensation 70% of wages for the period of 91 days in a year.
    • The Sickness benefits only provided when he worked for the establishment for 78 days in the previous 6 months.
    • In case of EXTENDED SICKNESS BENEFITS (34 Long term disease & Virus/Evil in nature disease) cash compensation payable 80% of wages paid to Insured person up to 2 years.
    • In case of ENHANCED SICKNESS BENEFITS cash compensation payable up to full wages of Insured persons for undergoing the process of Sterilization (remove virus or bacteria) for the period of 7 days for male & 14 days for a female.


    Maternity Benefits

    • The ESIC scheme provides maternity benefits for pregnancy or miscarriage or premature birth to all insured persons.
    • In maternity Benefits, full wage compensation is payable for 26 weeks & it’s extended up to 1 month on medical grounds.
    • The Insured person provides his contribution for Minimum 70 days in the 2 preceding contribution periods.


    Disablement Benefits

    The ESIC registered establishment insured persons can get Disablement benefits & there is 2 categories of Disablement are:-


    Temporary Disablement Benefits

    • The Temporary Disablement Benefits provided to the Insured person employed in the ESIC registered establishment from the day of joining.
    • The Temporary Disablement Benefits payable 90% of wages paid to the insured person in the establishment up to the period of disablement continues.
    • There is no limit for minimum contribution for the establishment by the insured person but disablement incurred during his employment.


    Permanent Disablement Benefits

    • In the case of Permanent Disablement, the compensation payable to the insured person 90% of wages paid monthly in the ESIC registered establishment.
    • The payment made upon the certification by a Medical board up to the loss of earning capacity of Insured person.
    • There is no limit for minimum contribution for the establishment by the insured person but permanent disablement incurred during his employment.
    • The person is insured from the date of joining in the ESIC registered establishment under the ESI Act, 1948.


    Dependents Benefits

    • The ESIC registered establishment under the ESI Act, 1948 provided the Dependents benefits to all deceased Insured person.
    • The Dependents benefits paid up to 90% of wages paid to Insured person monthly during employment in the ESIC registered establishment.
    • The Dependents benefit only payable to a Dependents of the deceased person when death occurs of the Insured person during his employment or occupational hazards.


    Funeral Expenses

    • The Funeral expenses are payable to the dependents of the Insured person was employed with ESIC registered establishment.
    • The Funeral expenses are amounting Rs. 15000 to dependent or person who person all funeral-related activities.


    Confinement Expenses

    • The Confinement Expenses means the expenses payable related to childbirth or procedure used for childbirth in Ancient time.
    • The Expenses were payable to Insured women or Spouse of Insured persons under the ESIC scheme.
    • This expenses only payable when the medical facilities related to pregnancy are not available in that area.
    • The Insured person worked under ESIC registered establishment to get above benefits.


    Need-Based Benefits

    The need-based benefits provided in addition to the above benefits to the Insured person and establishment registered under the ESIC scheme. There is a list of other benefits are:-


    Vocational Training

    • The vocational training is related to disability or incident or emotional disability occurred & provide the counselling, assessment, program & work capacity benefits to the Insured person injured during the employment with the establishment.
    • The Vocational benefits provide only when an insured person is permanently disabled & he is going under Vocational Rehabilitation training.


    Physical Rehabilitation

    • In the process of Physical Rehabilitation, the insured person undergoing with treatment, diagnosis & management of physical Injuries & disabling injuries (like Cardiovascular or neurological) cure by using therapeutic exercise or electrotherapy.
    • The physical injuries incurred during the period of employment with ESIC registered establishment.


    Medical Care for Old-Age

    • The old-age medical care benefits provided to the insured person on retiring or retired or attaining the age of retirement or leaving employment due to permanent disabilities from the ESIC registered establishment.
    • These benefits provided to the insured person as well as the spouse on the payment of Rs. 120/- per annum under the ESIC scheme.


    Unemployment Allowance Benefits

    • The unemployment allowance provided under the scheme of “Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana”.
    • The allowance benefits provided to the insured person (Unemployed) due to lay off, closure, retrenchment of establishment or permanent disabled.
    • The Insured person needs to employ in the ESIC registered establishment for 3 or more year before unemployment.
    • The following unemployment allowance provided to the insured person is:-
    1. Allowance of 50% of wage up to 2 years;
    2. Medical benefits for Insured person & family from ESIC registered Hospitals/Dispensaries up to a period of allowance (i.e. 2 years).
    3. Vocational Rehabilitation training for upgrading skills & expenditure of fee/travelling borne by ESIC.


    • The cash compensation payable to the insured person once in his lifetime under “Atal Beemit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana” welfare Scheme enforce from 1st July 2018.
    • This cash compensation for the period of 90 days provided to the insured person once in a lifetime during unemployment.
    • To avail this scheme insured person employed for a minimum of 2 years & contributed minimum 78 days in each of the 4 consecutive periods of contribution immediately before claiming of Cash Compensation Allowance.
    • The Cash Compensation Allowance shall not exceed 25% of the average earning per day.

    Wages Calculation For ESIC Registration

    For the calculation wages of the employee worked in the Establishment & the list of an allowance included & excluded from wages for ESIC contribution as follows:-



    Items Included In Wages


    1. Matinee allowance (Paid to employees in Cinema Houses).
    2. Shift allowance (worked in ODD shifts).
    3. City/Location/Area allowance (Addition to Dearness Allowance due to high house rent.
    4. Compensation allowance.
    5. Cash handling allowance.
    6. Supervisory Allowance.
    7. Additional allowance for giving training to staff.
    8. Charge allowance.
    9. Steno/Typist allowance.
    10. Plant allowance.
    11. Honorarium for looking after the hospital/dispensary
    12. Computer allowance.
    13. Gestetner/Photocopier/Printer allowance.
    14. Personnel/Special allowance.
    15. Machine allowance.
    16. Canvassing allowance.
    17. First-aid allowance.
    18. Personal allowance (Dearness allowance for skill, efficiency or past good records).
    19. Ex-gratia payment if payment is made within an interval of two months.

    Items Excluded From Wages


    1. Payment made on account of unavailed leave at the time of discharge.
    2. Commission on advertisement secured for Newspapers, if not paid to the regular employee.
    3. Fuel allowance/Petrol allowance.
    4. Entertainment allowance.
    5. Shoe allowance.
    6. Payment made on account of gratuity on discharge/retirement.
    7. Payment made on encashment of the leave.



    1. MSME/Proprietorship Registration certificate.
    2. PAN Card.
    3. Identity Proof (Driving License or Passport or Voter ID or Aadhar Card).
    4. Address Proof (Mobile Bill or Electricity bill or Bank Statement) & Not Older than 2 Months).
    5. Registered Office (Rent Agreement or Sale Deed).
    6. Business Details.
    7. Bank Account Details.
    8. Group photo of all Employees.
    9. Family photo of all Employees.
    10. Wage/Salary Sheet of all Employees.
    11. Employee KYC.
    12. Mobile No. of Employees

    Documents For Company / Body Corporate

    1. CIN (Certificate of Incorporation).
    2. PAN Card.
    3. MOA (Memorandum of Association).
    4. AOA (Articles of Association).
    5. Registered Office (Rent Agreement or Sale Deed).
    6. Bank Account Details.
    7. Group photo of all Employees.
    8. Family photo of all Employees.
    9. Wage/Salary Sheet of all Employees..
    10. Employee KYC.
    11. Company KYC.
    12. Mobile No. of Employees

    DOCUMENTS FOR LLP/Partnership Firm

    1. LLP Registration Certificate.
    2. PAN Card.
    3. LLP Agreement/Partnership Agreement.
    4. Registered Office (Rent Agreement or Sale Deed)
    5. Bank Account Details.
    6. Group photo of all Employees.
    7. Family photo of all Employees.
    8. Wage/Salary Sheet of all Employees.
    9. Employee KYC.
    10. LLP KYC.
    11. Mobile No. of Employees

    Document For Society/Cooperative Society

    1. CIN (Certificate of Incorporation).
    2. PAN Card.
    3. Bye-Laws.
    4. Registered Office (Rent Agreement or Sale Deed)
    5. Bank Account Details.
    6. Group photo of all Employees.
    7. Family photo of all Employees.
    8. Wage/Salary Sheet of all Employees..
    9. Employee KYC.
    10. Society/Cooperative Society KYC.
    11. Mobile No. of Employees

    ESI Registration Procedure

    • Documents Collection
    • Filing of Application
    • Application Follow up
    • Congratulation ESIC Registration Completed



    1. Collection of documents as per the Checklist.
    2. Attestation & Notarization of all the Documents.
    3. Preparation & signing of Authorisation Letter.
    4. Preparation of Digital Signature of Authorised person.
    5. Check the Jurisdiction of ESIC regional Register office.


    1. Application made for ESIC Registration in Form-01.
    2. Submission of Return of Declaration in Form-3.
    3. Preparation & fill the Details of the establishment.
    4. Fill the data of all employees.
    5. Fill the details of an authorised person.
    6. Attachment of Address proof, Identity proof & other relevant documents.
    7. Attachment of Digital signature of principal employer & Authorised person.
    8. Login into “ESIC Registration Login” portal.
    9. The establishment can do ESIC registration Online or Offline.


    1. Follow up with ESIC regional Department;
    2. Submission of documents, if required.
    3. Verification of Employer & employee details.
    4. Issuance of an ESIC Registration certificate.
    5. The Registration certificate has 17 Digit ESI Code number.
    6. ESI Code number is used for further communication with the department.


    1. All the Employee submit their family photo.
    2. Employer Collect all the Identity & Address proof of Employee.
    3. Preparation of Wages sheet of the employees.
    4. Employer submits all details along with Wages sheet.
    5. After submission ESIC Department issued Insurance Certificate to employee.
    6. Also provides the Temporary Identity Card.


    1. The Temporary identity card is future reference No.
    2. Registration of employee provides all ESIC registration benefits.
    3. Temporary convert to the permanent Identity card after 3 months of employment.
    4. It’s one-time registration of employee & No need to change, if there is a change in employment.
    5. The same registration transferred to other employment.



    The term “ESI” denoted Employee State Insurance. It’s the Scheme run by the Government of India to provides the various Benefits (Medical, Funeral, Disablement, Sickness) to the employee and his family. The Employee & Registered Establishment shall contribute towards the Insurance premium and get Insurance cover in the case of any mishappening or incident with the employee.

    The ESIC registration is mandatory for the establishment in India who employ 10 or more people then such establishment is required to register under the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948.

    The Establishment employ 10 or more people but in Case of Maharashtra & Chandigarh, the threshold limit is 20 or more people.


    The employee wages or Salary threshold or maximum limit to covered under ESIC scheme required to have salary upto Rs. 21000 but in case of Disable person the threshold limit is Rs. 25000).

    The Employee of the ESIC registered Establishment shall require to make Claim application in the Form-9 to claim the Sickness, Maternity, Temporary disablement etc. benefits under ESIC Scheme.

    The Employee can take ESIC Medical benefits in the private hospitals only in case of Non-availability of ESIC registered hospitals in that particular region or Emergency Cases with the prior permission of ESIC authority otherwise Such employee or his family able to take medical benefits under the ESIC scheme only in the ESIC registered hospitals or Dispensaries.

    The ESIC is Insurance scheme which only provides medical benefits in the Kind form and Employee not able to withdraw any money from ESIC fund.


    Yes, The Employee or his family take ESIC benefits upto the ESIC scheme Validity period. In other words, the benefits always depend upon the monthly payment of premium or contribution towards the ESIC Insurance by the employee.

    Yes, The ESI scheme covered the Employee and His family to take various benefits.

    The employee needs to Visit near ESIC branch or make an online application for any change in Employee Information except for the name of Employee and Date of registration. The employee needs to provides Supportive documents to make any amendment in the ESIC scheme.


    The ESI Insurance Number is a Unique Number provides to the registered employee. The Employee use this Insurance number to take benefits if ESIC scheme.

    The Employee needs to contribute 0.75% of the Basic salary or wages towards ESIC and Rest 3.25% is contributed by the registered factory or establishment.


    The Following benefits availed by the employee after ESIC registration are:-

    • Medical;
    • Sickness;
    • Maternity;
    • Disablement (Including Temporary and Permanent);
    • Funeral Expenses;
    • Dependent &

    ·       Confinement Expenses etc.

    The employer or Factory or Establishment required the following Documents for ESIC registration are:

    • Name of Establishment;
    • Registered Office;
    • Ownership Proof;
    • Identity proof;
    • Address proof:
    • Salary sheet of Employee;
    • Group Photo of Employee &
    • Employee KYC etc.

    The employer needs to file the ESIC return on half-yearly basis after ESIC registration and the following Information is requiring for return are:

    • Attendance register of Employee;
    • Wages or salary register;
    • Monthly return with challan;
    • Accident register of Employee.

    When the establishment or employer exceeds the threshold limit of 10 or more people in his organization then he shall apply for ESI registration within 15 days.

    No, It’s mandatory for those establishments who employ the people beyond the threshold limit provided in the ESIC Act, 1948.

    The employer after the ESIC registration he shall require to contribute monthly and filed the prescribed returns monthly and half-yearly. He required to inform the ESIC department in case of any change in Business activity, name, address, employee etc.

    No, The ESIC Scheme only for the benefits of the employee and his family. He has no right to transfer his benefits to another person.

    This ESI code number is a 17 digits unique number allotted to the employee after the ESIC registration of the establishment and employee details update by the employer on the ESIC portal through online or offline process.

    Yes, Once the establishment covered in this act then he shall continue to do the all compliances irrespective of any change in employee limit or business. In other words, the establishment once covered in this act then he always covered irrespective of any changes.

    No, the overtime payment to the employee is not considered the part of Wages.

    The Employer shall deposit the ESI contribution within the 21 days of due date in the authorized bank account.

    Yes, The ESIC department charged 12% per annum interest rate on the due amount from the employer.

    Yes, The employer need to file or submit the following reports to the ESIC department are:-

    • Employee register; 
    • Wages report;
    • Accident report;
    • Employee KYC report;
    • Attendance record;
    • Employee leave record etc.

    The Employer after the ESIC registration issued the unique identity card to each employee of the establishment and this card used by the employee to claim the ESIC scheme benefits (Sickness, medical etc.).

    The principal employer is the person who provides job or work to any person. This act divided the principal employer in case of factory & establishment.

    In the case of Establishment, the principal employer is the person who controlled or owned or supervises the establishment.


    In case of Factory, the principal employer will be the owner or director or managing director or supervisor or manager or legal representative of deceased principal employer or nominee of the deceased principal employer or any person who is authorized to act as a principal employer.


    We Estellaconsultancy taken maximum 3 days for filing the ESI registration application subject to availability of documents demanded by us from the applicant.

    We provide Online ESI registration services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bhiwadi, Ajmer, Jhansi, Bhopal, Indore,  Kerala, Pune and all the major cities in India.

    Yes, The Digital signature of Employer is required for ESI registration. In the case of Company or LLP or Body corporate the digital signature of Authorised Director or Partner or Person is required.

    The applicant need to follow the following steps are:-

    Step 1:- Collection of Documents as the checklist provides by us.

    Step 2:- Preparation of ESI application

    Step 3:- Apply for ESI registration of Factory or Establishment through Online or Offline Mode to EPF Registering authority;


    Step 4:- The ESIC department intimate you after the ESI registration Certificate.



    It’s advisable to you kindly consult the lawyer or expert or professional before applying for ESI registration because the ESI application shall include various Important clause or provision which is not understandable by a normal person.

    Yes, PAN number of Employer (Factor or Establishment) is mandatory for ESI registration.