LLP is Good option for Small, Partnership & Professional Businesses etc.


LLP have low cost of annual compliance & no need to appoint Auditor who has annual turnover less than 2 crores

RS. 5999*/-

 LLP Registration within 7 working Days

LLP Registration

    Limited Liability Partnership Registration

    EstellaConsultancy provides LLP Registration & compliance relating services in the whole of India.

    • The LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is governed by section 8 of the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 and relevant rules. It is a form of Business which having the features of both Partnership firm & Company and formed an LLP. 
    • Its Hybrid form of Partnership firm & Company. The professional, Micro, Small Businesses preferred to register an LLP & other partners are not liable any action or act of other partners. 
    • The LLP provides the benefits of Separate legal status, Limited Liability of partners & low compliance or maintenance cost to the partner. As on date the incorporation/Registration of a Limited Liability Partnership is hassle-free and Having a very low cost of Incorporation. 
    • In LLP the liability of partners is limited to the amount of contribution he made at the time of incorporation & the creditors of the LLP don’t have any right to sell the personal property of the partners.

    Why Choose LLP?

    Limited Liability of Partners

    Low Cost of Annual Compliance

    No Partner Liable for the Action of another Partner

    Hybrid Form of COmpany & Partnership Firm

    No Minimum Capital Contribution

    Advantages of LLP Registration

    LLP Registration Package

    LLP Name Approval Letter

    DIN & DSC of 2 Partners

    Drafting of LLP Agreement

    PAN Number Registration

    TAN Registration Certificate

    Help in Opening Bank of Account

    LLP Registration Certificate

    Minimum Requirements for LLP Registration

    Procedure For LLP Registration

    Fill our Simple Form

    Obtaining DSC and DPIN

    Name Approval and verification

    Document Submission

    your work is completed

    Process of LLP Registration

    Tips For LLP Name Selection


    The name of the proposed LLP shall be unique and related to its business activities (eg. Reliance LLP (petroleum is the business activity of reliance LLP).

    Simple & Short

    The name shall be simple to pronounce or easy to learn and also short (eg. Tata Consultancy Ltd).

    Legal Name

    The proposed LLP name shall not be illegal & also have legal business objectives (eg. ISIS limited (it's illegal because ISIS is terrorist organization).

    No Offensive Name

    The name shall not create any religious, culture, community violence & not offensive (eg. Pakistan terrorist group Ltd. (the name is offensive & against the law).


    The name of the LLP shall suffix with "LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Limited" or "LLP" (In case LLP registration).

    Not Similar To Existing Company Name

    The name of the LLP shall not be matched & related to the name of an existing LLP & also not related to Trademark already registered.

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    Documents For LLP Registration

    For Partners

    1. Passport Size Photo.
    2. Identity Proof (Driving License or Passport or Voter ID).
    3. Address Proof (Mobile Bill or Electricity bill or Bank Statement).
    4. PAN Card (Mandatory).
    5. Passport is mandatory for Foreign National or Non-Resident India (NRI).
    6. Aadhar Card.
    7. Mobile No.
    8. Email Id.
    9. Qualification.
    10. Occupation.

    For LLP

    1. Name of the LLP.
    2. Business Objective (LLP registration is done for only one objective).
    3. Contribution amount.
    4. Profit Sharing Ratio.
    5. Registered Office of the LLP.
    6. Property Owned (Sale Deed or Electricity Bill) OR Property Rented ( Rent Agreement).

    Steps For LLP Registration

    1. Collection of Documents

    1. We send you a checklist of documents required.
    2. Send us a scanned copy of all documents as per the checklist.
    3. We check the documents as per checklist.
    4. All the documents attested & Notarized.

    2. Preparation of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

    1. Fill the DSC application form along with an attested copy of PAN card, Identity proof, Address Proof, Mobile No., & Email id, etc.
    2. Filing of Application with the relevant authority of Digital signature.
    3. Authority send OTP (One time Password) on Registered Mobile no. & Email Address.
    4. Record the 30 seconds video of the person for which DSC is to be registered.
    5. Download DSC (Digital Signature certificate) in E pass Token.

    3. Application For Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN)

    1. Preparation of Form DIR – 3 for DPIN Number.
    2. Filing of Form DIR – 3 with ROCs (Registrar of Companies) along with requisite fees & Documents.
    3. Download the DPIN Number of proposed Partners of the LLP.

    4. Application For Name Approval

    1. The LLP name suggested by the Proposed Partners of the LLP.
    2. The name should be as Limited Liability Act, 2008 & relevant rules & regulations for LLP name.
    3. The Proposed LLP name shall be Unique & contain word related to its business Activities, not related to any trademark.
    4. The name of the LLP is suggested by Partners for LLP registration is checked by our professional teams.
    5. Preparation of Form 1 & filing with relevant authority along with the fees of INR 1000.
    6. The name approved by the relevant authority after checking all legal provisions.
    7. The Unique Proposed LLP name is valid for 20 days.

    5. Preparation of Incorporation Documents

    1. Collection of All documents as per checklist for LLP registration.
    2. All Documents are attested & Notarized.
    3. Check eligibility criteria for proposed Partners.
    4. Preparation of Affidavit & Declaration of the proposed Partners.
    5. Preparation of LLP Agreement.
    6. The identity proof (Voter id / Driving License / Passport) & Address proof not older than 2 months (Bank statement / Mobile bill / Electricity bill / Telephone bill) shall be attested by all the proposed Partners.

    6. Preparation of LLP Form 2

    1. The details fill in Form 2 of the proposed LLP & other important Information.
    2. Attachment of Identity proof & Address proof of the proposed partners.
    3. Attachment of LLP registered office documents.
    4. Scrutiny of the application form by the team of our professional.
    5. Attach the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of Practising professional & Designated Partner for proposed LLP registration.

    7. Application For PAN & TAN

    1. Application of PAN no. & TAN no. along with details like Area code of registered office, Rent agreement, etc.
    2. The relevant authority shall issue the LLP PAN card & TAN certificate after LLP registration.

    8. Filing of Incorporation Documents

    1. After checking all details & scrutiny done by professional of Form 2.
    2. The Filing of Form 2 with ROCs along with Government fees.
    3. After filing the LLP registration form, the SRN (Service request Number) is generated to check the further status of the application.
    4. Our professional follow up with relevant authority for LLP registration.

    9. Get LLP Certificate

    1. The ROCs check all details of LLP registration.
    2. The LLP Registration certificate ( Form 6) is issued by the ROCs.

    10. Preparation of LLP Agreement

    1. After LLP registration, we need to file LLP Form 3 (LLP Agreement) with ROCs.
    2. This form is filed after LLP registration.
    3. The Partner needs to make payment of stamp duty on the contribution amount made for LLP registration.

    11. Filing Of Partners Details (Form 4)

    1. This form is filed along with Form 3 (LLP Agreement) after LLP registration.
    2. Form 4 include the details of Partners, Designated Partner, Change in partners & etc.
    3. This form signed by the 1 Designated partner & 1 PCS/PCA/PCWA.

    11. Deliver Incorporation Kit

    The incorporation kit of the LLP contains the following Documents are:-

    1. Name approval certificate.
    2. DPIN of Partners.
    3. DSC of all Partners.
    4. LLP Agreement.
    5. A hard copy of Form 2.
    6. A hard copy of Form 3 & 4.
    7. A hard copy of attachment of LLP Form 2.
    8. A hard copy of attachment of LLP Form 3 & 4.
    9. Copy of PAN card.
    10. Copy of TAN Certificate.
    11. Original Certificate of LLP registration.



    We need a minimum of 2 Partners & no limit for maximum Partners but 1 of them act as a Designated partner.

    Yes, Partner & Designated Partner can be the same person but the Partner of the LLP can be Natural person or Artificial person.

    No, The fees recovered by our organization is inclusive of all professional. government & Other charges. we will provide you invoice with a proper bifurcation of charges paid at the time of LLP registration.

    As on date LLP registration is a 100% online process. The Partners is not required to visit any government department for LLP registration.

    Yes, The Estellaconsultancy provides all service to its customers from name application to LLP bank account opening.

    Normally, Estellaconsultancy register your LLP with 12 working days from receipt of all documents for LLP registration.

    No, there is no education qualification is required to become Partner of the LLP but the person can do a contract to become Partner of the LLP.

    No, In this case, the person needs to appoint one family member or relative as a partner and hold the whole holding in LLP.

    Yes, NRIs/Foreign Nationals can become a Partner in LLP but they all have DPIN (Designated Partner Identification Number).

    Yes, It compulsorily to have registered office for LLP registration.

    Yes, a Working person can form an LLP and become its Partner.

    Yes, LLP invites Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the LLP by foreign nationals but required to inform RBI for such transaction.