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    Producer Company Registration

    producer Company Registration

    The Indian economy is agriculture-based economy & around 65% of the total population of India depends upon the agricultural sector income. The big farmers in the past decade earn more money in comparison to other small farmers. The Government of India constitutes a committee to overview the agricultural sector & submit their report to expand or gain in the Income of Primary producer or farmers. The Committee Introduced the concept of a Producer company Registration in which small farmers come in a group to access the facility of Credit, Loan, Advances, New Technology, agricultural equipment, proper market etc.

    Section 465 (1) of Companies Act, 2013 & Part 9A of Companies Act, 1956 governed the Producer company registration in India. The government come with Producer company which is hybrid of Public limited Company & Cooperative society. The Producer Company register for distribution of primary produce agricultural goods & services through the following business objective are:-

    • Acquisition
    • Production
    • Harvesting
    • Grading
    • Pooling
    • Administration
    • Marketing
    • Shipping
    • Export 
    • Import

    We EstellaConsultancy provides Producer Company Registration & its annual compliance relating services in the whole of India.

    Business Objective of Producer Company

    • Preparing (handling furthermore safeguarding, mixing, vinting, drying, refining, storing and bundling) of the agricultural produce of its members;
    • Assembling, deal or supply of gear, hardware or consumables to its Producer members; 
    • To instruct on the common help standards to the Producer members from the Producer organization and others; 
    • To distribute administrations consultancy services, specialized administrations, preparing, R&D and all other required actions for promoting the interests of Producer members; 
    • Age, transmission and conveyance of electricity, preservation and correspondence relate to primary / essential produce, revitalisation of land and water assets,
    • Protection of the essential agricultural produce and its Producer; 
    • To advance the policies of commonality and shared advice; 
    • The Board of the producer company chosen the welfare initiative or techniques for the assistance of members.
    • Financing of acquisition, handling, showcasing or different exercises indicated in the above mention objective which incorporates stretching out of credit offices or some other monetary administrations to its Members.


    What Is Primary Produce?

    The primary produce has been characterized under the Companies Act 1956 as produce emerging from agribusiness by a rancher which incorporates animal cultivation, gardening, agriculture, viticulture, pisciculture, re-vegetation, honey bee raising, ranger service, woods items and cultivating estate items, produce of hand-loom, handiwork and other bungalow enterprises.


    Why Choose Producer Company

    • Limited Liability of Members.
    • Raise money through Share market or Public.
    • Separate legal status in the eye of Law.
    • Invite FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)
    • Ease of Transfer of shares.
    • Expansion of Business.

    Producer Company Registration Package

    Name Approval Certificate

    DIN/DSC for 10 Members & 5 Directors

    MOA & AOA

    PAN & TAN Registration certificate

    Stamp duty payment challan

    Support to open Bank Account

    Producer Company Registration certificate


    Fill our Simple Form

    Obtaining DSC and DPIN

    Name Approval and verification

    Document Submission

    your work is completed

    Advantages of Producer Company Registration

    Coming up next are the advantages appreciated by a Producer Company:- 

    • The individuals from the Producer organization at first will get the incentive for the produce pooled and provided as controlled by the Board of Directors. This amount will be provided to the producer later as money/kind/shares. 
    • The individuals from the maker organization will be qualified to get extra offers in a similar extent to the offers held by them. 
    • The excess (in the wake of giving arrangement to the instalment of restricted return and holds) might be given as support bonus* to the producer member. 

    *Support Bonus means an appropriation of the excess salary to the producer members concerning their particular support. Support, on the opposite, is the cooperation by producer members in their business exercises by utilizing the administrations

    Minimum Requirement For Producer Company Registration

    • Minimum 10 Producer Members (Include 2 or more Producer Organisation).
    • Minimum  5 Directors.
    • There is requirement of minimum Rs. 5 Lakh paid up capital.
    • Registered office for Producer Company
    • All Directors have a DIN (Director Identification Number).
    • The Producer Company Business Objective.

    Tips For Name Selection of Producer Company Registration


    The name of the proposed company shall be unique and related to its business activities (eg. Reliance petroleum ltd (petroleum is the business activity of reliance company).


    The name shall be simple to pronounce or easy to learn and also short (eg. Tata Consultancy Ltd).


    The proposed company name shall not be illegal & also have legal business objectives (eg. ISIS limited (it's illegal because ISIS is terrorist organization).


    The name shall not create any religious, culture, community violence & not offensive (eg. Pakistan terrorist group Ltd. (the name is offensive & against the law).


    The name of the company shall suffix with "Producer Company Limited".


    The name of the company shall not be matched & related to the name of an existing company & also not related to Trademark already registered.

    Documents For Producer Company Registration

    For Directors & Members

    1. Passport Size Photo.
    2. Identity Proof (Driving License or Passport or Voter ID).​
    3. Address Proof (Mobile Bill or Electricity bill or Bank Statement).
    4. PAN Card (Mandatory).
    5. Passport is mandatory for Foreign National or Non-Resident India (NRI).
    6. Aadhar Card.
    7. Mobile No.
    8. Email Id.
    9. Qualification.
    10. Occupation​.

    For Producer Company

    1. Name of the Company.
    2. Business Objective (A company registration is done for only one objective).
    3. Authorized Share Capital.
    4. Paid Up Capital.
    5. Registered Office of the Company.
    6. Property Owned (Sale Deed or Electricity Bill) OR Property Rented ( Rent Agreement)​​​​.

    Steps For Producer Company Registration


    1. We send you a checklist of documents required.
    2. Send us a scanned copy of all documents as per the checklist.
    3. We check the documents as per checklist
    4. All the documents attested & Notarized


    1. Fill the DSC application form along with an attested copy of PAN card, Identity proof, Address Proof, Mobile No., & Email id, etc.
    2. Filing of Application with the relevant authority of Digital signature.
    3. Authority send OTP (One time Password) on Registered Mobile no. & Email Address
    4. Record the 30 seconds video of the person for which DSC is to be registered.
    5. Download DSC (Digital Signature certificate) in E pass Token.


    1. Preparation of Form DIR – 3 for DIN Number.
    2. Filing of Form DIR – 3 with ROCs (Registrar of Companies) along with requisite fees & Documents.
    3. Download the DIN Number of proposed Directors of the Company.



    1. The Company name suggested by the Proposed Director or members of the company.
    2. The name should be as companies act 2013 & relevant rules & regulations for Company name.
    3. The Proposed company name shall be Unique & contain word related to its business Activities, not related to any trademark.
    4. The name of the company is suggested by Directors or Members for company registration is checked by our professional teams.
    5. Preparation of Form RUN (Reserve Unique Name) & filing with relevant authority along with the fees of INR 1000.
    6. The name approved by the relevant authority after checking all legal provisions.
    7. The Unique Proposed company name is valid for 20 days.


    1. Collection of All documents as per checklist for Company registration.
    2. All Documents are attested & Notarized.
    3. Check eligibility criteria for proposed Directors & Members.
    4. Preparation of Affidavit of proposed Directors & Members.
    5. Preparation of E – Memorandum of Association (MOA) SPICE form 33.
    6. Preparation of E – Articles of Association (AOA) SPICE form 34.
    7. The identity proof (Voter id / Driving License / Passport) & Address proof not older than 2 months (Bank statement / Mobile bill / Electricity bill / Telephone bill) shall be attested by proposed Directors & Members.


    1. The details fill in SPICE FORM 32 of the proposed company, Directors, Members & other important Information.
    2. Attachment of E- MOA, E – AOA, Identity proof, Address proof, proposed Company registered office documents.
    3. Scrutiny of the application form by the team of our professional
    4. Attach the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of Practising professional & authorized person for proposed Producer company registration (Normally Director).


    1. Application of PAN no. & TAN no. along with details like Area code of registered office, Rent agreement, etc insert in SPICE form 32.
    2. The relevant authority shall issue the company PAN card. & TAN certificate along with the Producer company registration certificate.


    1. After checking all details & scrutiny done by professional of SPICE form 32.
    2. The Filing of E- Form with ROCs along with Government fees.
    3. We also pay stamp duty as per state of registration on E – MOA & E – AOA along with SPICE form 32.
    4. After filing the Company registration form, the SRN (Service request Number) is generated to check the further status of the application.
    5. Our professional follow up with relevant authority for Producer Company registration.


    1. The ROCs check all details of company registration.
    2. The CIN (Company Identification Number) is issued by the ROCs along with a Certificate of Company registration.
    3. The CIN is consists of 16 digits combination of alphabets & Numbers.


    1. After company registration, we prepared Share certificates of Company Shareholders.
    2. A share certificate is signed by 2 Authorised signatory of the company and 1 by practising professional.


    The incorporation kit of the company contains the following Documents are:-

    1. Name approval certificate.
    2. DIN of Directors.
    3. DSC of Directors & Members.
    4. MOA (Memorandum of Association).
    5. AOA (Articles of Association).
    6. A hard copy of SPICE form 32.
    7. A hard copy of attachment of SPICE form 32.
    8. Copy of PAN card.
    9. Copy of TAN Certificate.
    10. Original Certificate of Company registration.
    11. Original Share certificates.

    Conditions For Loan & Investment

    The Producer Company comprise of people who are Primary agricultural producer, and they are required the financial help time to time for their agricultural business & as per the Companies Act, 2013 the producer company provides financial help in the form of credit or loan or advances to the member of the producer company. The producer company help the producer member by offering the following financial help are:-

    • The Loan assistance is provided to the producer member for agricultural activities & the maximum tenure of the loan is 6 months.
    • The credit or advances are given to producer member for the tenure of maximum 7 years against the security.
    • NABARD Loan: NABARD offers help and money related help to address the issues of Producer Companies. NABARD has set up fund amounting Rs. 50 crores out of its working surplus in the Producer Organization Development Fund (PODF).

    Tax Benefits For Producer Company

    The agriculture income governed by the provision of section 10 (1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and its provided various exemption for agriculture-related income based on the area of agriculture activities.


    The Income Tax Act doesn’t indicate a particular tax cut which gives exceptional tax reductions or exclusions to Producer company according to its. In any case, subject to the agriculture-related activities did by the Producer company, certain tax reductions and Avialed any exception.


    For instance, Any Income derived from selling or buying of agriculture product is treated as agriculture income & it is 100 % tax-exempt in the Income Tax Act, 1961 but further processing of agriculture product & income generate from selling is not treated as 100% agricultural Income. 


    In this manner, it is clear that the tax reduction and exception to a producer company are thoroughly relying on the agricultural action it continues.



    We need a minimum of 5 directors & maximum 15 directors.

    Yes, Director & member can be the same person but the Director of the company is always a Natural person.

    Yes, Individual or organization can become a member of the company but they are producer or Producer organisation.

    No, The fees recovered by our organization is inclusive of all professional. government & Other charges. we will provide you invoice with a proper bifurcation of charges paid at the time of company registration.

    As on date company registration is a 100% online process. The directors or members are not required to visit any government department for company registration.


    Yes, The Estellaconsultancy provides all service to its customers from name application to Company bank account opening.

    Normally, Estellaconsultancy register your company with 12 working days from receipt of all documents for company registration.

    No, there is no education qualification is required to become Director or member of the company but the person can do a contract (major) to become director of the company.

    No, The person required minimum 10 or more producer include minimum 2 producer organisation.

    Yes, NRIs/Foreign Nationals can become a Director in Producer Company but they all have DIN (Director Identification Number) and not disqualified under section 164 of companies act 2013.

    Yes, NRIs/Foreign Nationals can become a Member of the Producer Company.

    Yes, It compulsorily to have registered office for company registration.

    Yes, a Working person can form a Producer Company and become its member & Director.

    Yes, Company invites Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Producer Company by foreign nationals but required to inform RBI for such transaction.

    EPF Registration Package