Become Sole owner of your Business and controlled without the interference of any person

RS. 2,499*/-

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Proprietorship Registration

    Proprietorship Registration

    Proprietorship Registration

    The Proprietorship firm business managed or Controlled or run by the sole owner or proprietor. Proprietorship Firm registration is most common in India for very small & micro business operate in unorganised Sector which controlled by a single person without the interference of another person in his business. Proprietorship firm is treated as Individual Business & its taxable with tax slab rate which use to tax a person as per Income Tax Act.

    The proprietorship firm default in the payment of creditors or banks dues then owner or proprietor is personally liable for his liability & creditors or banks even sell owner personal assets to recover their dues or loan amount. The proprietorship firm has no continuous existence after the death of the owner.


    We EstellaConsultancy provides Proprietorship Firm Registration & compliance relating services in the whole of India.

    • A sole Proprietorship is cheaper as compared to OPC.
    • A proprietorship with income of less than Rs. 2 Lakhs per annum is not required to pay income tax.
    • Easy to establish with less formalities.

    We EstellaConsultancy provides Proprietorship Registration & compliance relating services in the whole of India.

    Proprietorship Firm Registration Package

    • Unique name approval.
    • Proprietorship Bye Laws.
    • PAN registration.
    • TAN registration.
    • Proprietorship Firm Registration Certificate

    Why Choose Proprietorship?

    • Easy to Start & Dissolve.
    • Low cost of compliance in comparison to OPC registration.
    • No Minimum contribution requirement.
    • No Audit Requirement.
    • No Tax up to Rs. 500000/- income
    • Low cost of Incorporation.

    Requirement For Proprietorship Firm Registration

    • Minimum & Maximum 1 Owner.
    • There is no limit of Contribution.
    • Registered office for
    • The Proprietorship firm has a Business Objective.

    Procedure For Company Registration

    Fill our Simple Form

    Obtaining DSC and DPIN

    Name Approval and verification

    Document Submission

    your work is completed

    Tips For Proprietorship Name Selection


    The name of the proposed Proprietorship firm shall be unique and related to its business activities.

    Simple & Short

    The name shall be simple to pronounce or easy to learn and also short.

    Legal Name

    The proposed Proprietorship name shall not be illegal & also have legal business objectives.

    No Offensive Name

    The name shall not create any religious, culture, community violence & not offensive.


    The name of the Proprietorship shall suffix with "PROPRIETORSHIP FIRM".

    Not Similar To Existing Firm Name

    The name of the Proprietorship firm shall not be matched & related to the name of an existing Proprietorship firm & also not related to Trademark already registered.

    Documents Required For Proprietorship Firm Registration

    Documents of Proprietor

    1. Passport Size Photo.
    2. Identity Proof (Driving License or Passport or Voter ID).
    3. Address Proof (Mobile Bill or Electricity bill or Bank Statement).
    4. PAN Card (Mandatory).
    5. Aadhar Card.
    6. Mobile No.
    7. Email Id.
    8. Qualification.
    9. Occupation.

    Documents of Proprietorship Firm

    1. Name of the Proprietorship.
    2. Business Objective.
    3. Registered Office of the Proprietorship.
    4. Property Owned (Sale Deed or Electricity Bill) OR Property Rented ( Rent Agreement).

    Steps For Proprietorship Registration

    1. Collection Of Documents

    1. We send you a checklist of documents required.
    2. Send us a scanned copy of all documents as per the checklist.
    3. We check the documents as per the checklist.
    4. All the documents attested.

    2. Drafting Of Proprietorship Bye Laws

    Our team draft the Proprietorship Bye Laws as per the need of Proprietor & it contains the following information of Proprietorship firm are:-

      1. Name.
      2. Business objective.
      3. Details of all Proprietor.
      4. Registered office.
      5. Details Contribution by Proprietor.
      6. Tenure of the Proprietorship firm.
      7. Any other terms & conditions relating to their business or objective.

    3. Application For Proprietorship Firm Registration.

    1. After checking all the details & scrutiny done by a professional.
    2. The Filing of Form 1 with Registrar in whose jurisdiction Proprietorship firm falls along with Government fees.
    3. After filing for the Proprietorship Firm registration form, the SRN (Service request Number) is generated to check the further status of the application.
    4. Our professional follow up with relevant authority for Proprietorship registration.

    4. Application For Name Approval

    1. The Proprietorship name suggested by the Proprietor.
    2. The Proposed Proprietorship name shall be Unique & contain word related to its business activities, not related to any trademark.
    3. The name of the Proprietorship firm is suggested by Proprietor & it’s checked by our professional teams.
    4. The name approved by the relevant authority after checking all legal provisions.


    1. The Registrar checks all details of Proprietorship registration.
    2. The Proprietorship firm Registration certificate is issued.


    The incorporation kit of the Proprietorship Registration contains the following Documents are:-

      1. Name approval certificate.
      2. Proprietorship Bye Laws.
      3. Copy of PAN card.
      4. Copy of TAN Certificate.
      5. Original Certificate of Proprietorship registration.


    1. We applied for PAN & TAN registration along with details like Area code of registered office, Rent agreement, etc.
    2. The relevant authority shall issue the Proprietorship PAN card & TAN certificate.



    We need a minimum & Maximum of 1 person.

    No, Only Individual or Natural person can become a Proprietor of the Proprietorship.

    NO, As on date Proprietorship registration is 100% online process. The Proprietors are not required to visit any department for Proprietorship registration.

    Yes, The Estellaconsultancy provides all service to its customers from name application to Proprietorship bank account opening.

    Normally, Estellaconsultancy register your Proprietorship with 10 working days from receipt of all documents for Proprietorship registration.


    No, there is no education qualification is required to become Proprietor of the Proprietorship but the person can do a contract to become Proprietor of the Proprietorship.

    Yes, the One person required for Proprietorship registration.

    No, NRIs/Foreign Nationals not able to become a Proprietor in Proprietorship.

    Yes, It compulsorily to have registered office for Proprietorship registration.

    Yes, a Working person can form a Proprietorship and become its Proprietor.

    Yes, Proprietorship invites Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Proprietorship by foreign nationals but prior approval of Secretariat for Industrial Assistance (SIA), Government of India/RBI.