What is Trademark Registration

What is Trademark

  • A trademark is a mark or sign, which in the form of, phrase, word, logo, or symbol or Taglines that differentiates the specific product from other product available in the market & Register above logo or sign with trademark department is known Trademark Registration.
  • Trademark helps people to easily recognizes the specific organisation ownership over the product or Service.
  • In other words, Trademark Shows that the Brand or Logo or Sign belong to which organisation and it also shows the ownership of the Company
  • Trademark also Known as “Service Mark”(It help people to easily recognise or Differentiates the Source of Service instead of Product.
  • Trademark or Servicemark treated as Intellectual Property of Organisation
  • Example:- “Reliance”, “TATA”, “Patanjali” or “Maruti” etc.

Symbols use in Trademark Registration

  • “TM”
  1. This symbol is used for Trademark registration of a Particular Product of the company and
  2. Publicly shows that the ownership of Trademark belongs to them which company or organisation.
  • “SM”
  1. This symbol is used for Service Mark registration of Service provided by the company or organisation and
  2. its show the exclusive ownership of Service provided or delivered by the company or organisation by using particular “Service Mark”.
  • “R”
  1. This symbol provided to the company or organisation who apply for Trademark Registration or Service Mark Registration with the relevant authority and No objection is raised by any person.
  2. Then Authority issued the Registered Trademark or Service Mark to the company or Organisation after check all the parameter used for Trademark Registration or Service Mark Registration.

Trademark Search / Trademark Public Search / Trademark Search In India

Important Points Remember Trademark Registration / Trademark Search

  • Application for Trademark Registration or Service Mark Registration doesn’t mean you have exclusive right over particular Trademark or Service Mark.
  • After an application made by the owner for Trademark Registration or Service Mark Registration, The relevant authority issued newspaper publication for any objection to any person.
  • If No objection is received then Trademark or Service Mark registered on the name of Owner.
  • An Applicant can be made an application for Trademark Registration in a different class but filing fees is charged for each class.
  • It is not mandatory to use Trademark before making an application. It can be made for proposed used of Trademark
  • If Trademark not used for a continuous period of 5 years after Trademark Registration then Authority may remove your Trademark on Basis of “No Use”.
  • Trademark Registration is valid for 10 years after that Trademark renewal is required.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

  • Provide Legal Protection to Trademark Owner
  • It is Prima-facie evidence of ownership of the Trademark or Servicemark Registered.
  • it is Important Intellectual Property of Company or Organisation which help us to Create Goodwill in the Market.
  • It gives exclusive right use Trademark (for goods) or Servicemark (for Service) registered for their Business.
  • Trademarks can be sold, licensed or assigned.
  • Trademark Registration or Servicemark Registration is valid in the whole of India.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

  • Name of Applicant (Company/Individual)
  • Name(s) of
  1. Proprietor (In case of Proprietorship firm)
  2. Partners (In case of Partnership firm or LLP)
  3. Managing Director/Directors (In case of Company)
  • Registered Office Address
  • Name of the Contact Person With
  1. Designation;
  2. Telephone;
  3. Mobile;
  4. Email.
  • Mention the Trade Mark to be registered
  1. If the Trade Mark is a label or a logo, kindly send 10 labels/prints.
  2. If the Trade Mark is a word.
  • Goods/Services in which respect Trade Mark to be registered
  • Date from Which Trademark use in India (If proposed to be used, kindly specify Date)
  • Any Previous owners of Trademark

For Trademark Registration

For More Information about Trademark Registration visit this link

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